"My Choice to Have a Voice" is a literacy program that will enable children to receive positive, inspiring and uplifting books to keep. These books will encourage them to thrive in their communities and in their schools.

  • Promote reading in the homes among parents/guardians and their child/children.
  • Help children develop a love for reading and be inspired by the characters that they are reading about.
  • This newly obtained  love for reading will help them develop better study habits.


My mission is to go into the schools in my area (first) then branch out across the country and read to the children a book with positive characters of different Ethnicities. These characters would act as role models that the children can be proud to read about and see positive examples in these books. After the story has been read, I would give each child a book to take home to keep.

My vision is to eventually see "My Choice to Have a Voice" develop into a tutoring and job assistance program that will serve as a haven to help the children in my community who are struggling in school and the youth who are venturing out into the work force. The young people who come to the job assistance program would be trained on the proper way to prepare a resume and how to act and dress appropriately for an interview.

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